About us




Lawrie’s Boat Services was established in the early 1980’s adjacent to what is now the Kawana Hotel and Kawana Marina. A crane was initially used to lift vessels onto the hardstand, however, due to its restricted lifting capacity, boat size was limited.  By 1985 a 40-tonne boat hoist was acquired, thus establishing the modern-day haul-out maintenance yard. In the beginning, the Boatyard only catered to three boats per week, but this grew steadily over time.  

An old construction shed on site was converted into a shipwright and mechanical services facility, thereby providing immediate access to a number of new on-site marine specialists. In 1993, further land was developed, founding what is known to this day as Lawrie’s Boat Services.  The new yard expanded rapidly, more buildings were constructed and completed in 1988. A new 44 tonne boat hoist replaced the original unit in 1994 and yet again upgraded in 2002. In early 2003, the Boatyard underwent further significant works with new bitumen laid across the site, enclosed service bays installed and a mechanical water reticulation system developed for water run-off.  To this day, this state of the art system has been the envy of many Boatyard operators locally and internationally.